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Our team at Alpha and Omega Telecom Group, Inc. provides clients with the best solutions at competitive rates. We have worked with hundreds of companies and every time, we have been able to match them with the perfect services for their needs. With our access to a large network of carriers, we can definitely find the best solution for you.


Our Telecommunications Company’s Story

Alpha and Omega Telecom Group, Inc. is currently led by Tim Robertson but was established by his father in 1980. Tim grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina and has been working in the business ever since he learned how to turn a screwdriver and unbox equipment. For more than 20 years, our family-operated business has been excellently serving our clients, treating them as if they were also part of the family.

Lessons From Our Roots

Tim Robertson graduated from North Carolina State with a bachelor’s degree and is a lifelong NC State Wolfpack fan. After watching his father grow the business and developing his skills in school, he learned invaluable lessons which he now applies at work. The first is to never upsell, but to only sell what you need. The second is to work hard and play hard, which he definitely practices with his engagement in sports.

What Drives Our Business

Our company culture is based on core values that have always motivated and guided us as we work with clients. These values include

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Respect
  • Transparency

The Top Choice in Telecommunications

Our founder was also a telecom worker with a thriving career, and it shows just how deeply rooted our company is in the telecommunications industry. Our experience, knowledge, industry connections, and passion for satisfying our clients with the best solutions make us the top choice for your telecom needs.

Our Commitment as Your Provider

As an independent telecommunications consulting firm, you can trust us to provide unbiased recommendations for internet and telephone carriers. You can be confident that you will get feature packages that are aligned with your specifications. Our large network of providers and our commitment sets us apart from other companies.


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For the best telecommunications solutions for your company, look no further. Our consultants are ready to help you find the best internet and telephone solutions. Contact us today for more information about our outstanding services.